by El Remolon

Dionisios 05:32
Blindaje 04:51
Apolo 03:23
Calma Chicha 06:34
La Pelota 12:05


Senderos is not one but a bunch of different paths, connected by one main thread, which is the trip itself. It travels across ryhtms and formats: acid sounds, house reminiscent bases, trap, deep voices, autotune and synthesizers that could either come from a minimal track or a cumbia villera. Within this open route, there is one outstanding element, contrasting with El Remolon’s previous works, and that is a clear political message, focused on personal emotions, always toward one center: love.
The journey begins with a slow but intense groove and the dark lyrics of Guerreros del Amor, and ends with Calma chicha, a quiet but danceable song. Not everything is nice or funny, nevertheless we have enough reasons to celebrate - and to reflect, too.

A hidden sect awakes in Argentina, sings Jin Yerei, one of the guests, in Senderos: love and music as resistance, but also as a departing point.

Finally, a 12 minutes neo-acid-turra progressive cumbia, especially composed for the dance play La Pelota, an epic song stating cumbia is still alive, and that could be one of the ultimate whims of this pioneer of the digital cumbia movement.


released October 3, 2016

All tracks written by Andres Schteingart, exceptoSenderos (Andres Schteingart y Federico Sanchez)
Mix and mastering: Jero Escajal (Nogal Estudio)

Art Cover: Son Bo

Andres Schteingart en programmings and voice in tracks 1,3,6,7
Federico Sanchez, voice in track 4
Juan Marnich, guitar ein track 1 and 6
Juan Sorrentino, maracas in track 1

Recorded between 2014 y 2016 in Yrigoyen Studio, Submarino Naranja and Electrohippie

Soledad Sturla, Federico Sanchez, Cecilia Gehbard, San Ignacio, Jero Escajal, Juan Marnich, Nico Bruschi, Maxi Soldano, El Tucu, Pablo Schteingart, Juan Sorrentino, Demian Veleda, Miguel Garcia Garrido, Agustin Lopez Costa Paz. Felipe Fernandez Moreira, Lucia Disalvo, Martina Kogan y Manada t .

Fertil Discos. 2016. Buenos Aires. Argentina
All rights reserved.


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



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